2018 Results

The Bar Golfing Society – Fixtures & Events 2018


Members wishing to play in any of the matches may apply online via the Matches & Meetings page
or by contacting the Match Manager concerned.

Date Event Venue Manager Result
10/03/2018 11/03/2018 Rye G.C Rye Chris Stephenson
25/03/2018 Law Society G.S. Huntercombe Timothy Cray
07/04/2018 Medical G.S. Woking Jonathan Waite Q.C.
21/04/2018 London Solicitors G.S. Woking Richard Anelay Q.C.
T.B.C Denham G.C. Denham Stuart Ritchie Q.C.
12/05/2018 Barristers’ Clerks G.S. The Wildernesse Andrew Selby
19/05/2018 Wine Trade G.S. Woking Mark Shaw Q.C.
19/05/2018 Old Johnians G.S. New Zealand Paul Norris
29/05/2018 -02/06/2018 Annual Tournament Royal St. George’s G.C. Guy Williams
02/06/2018 Alba Trophy Woking Guy Williams
09/06/2018 Circuit Judges G.S New Zealand Jeffrey Lamb
10/06/2018 Royal Ashdown Forest G.C. Royal Ashdown Forest Richard Whittam Q.C.
17/06/2018 Ladies Legal G.A. The Berkshire Richard Anelay Q.C.
30/06/2018 Hunstanton G.C. Hunstanton Guy Williams
06/07/2018 R.I.C.S G.S. New Zealand James Hanham
01/07/2018 Walton Heath G.C. Walton Heath Mark Shaw Q.C.
07/07/2018 The Stage G.S. New Zealand Iain Christie
14/07/2018 Stock Exchange G.S. New Zealand Sir Robert Nelson
20/07/2018 Boodles Huntercombe Tim Charlton Q.C.
21/07/2018 -22/07/2018 Scottish Bench & Bar Woking Alastair Hodge
22/07/2018 Old Leysians G.S. Huntercombe Judge Peter Clarke Q.C.
08/09/2018 Lutines G.S. Woking Michael Stephens
27/09/2018 Scrutton Cup Woking Guy Williams
05/10/2018 East India Club New Zealand Alastair Hodge
06/10/2018 Abady Trophy Woking Christopher Symons
07/10/2018 The Garrick The Berkshire Simon Murray
13/10/2018 -14/10/2018 Lloyds G.C. Rye Oliver Saxby Q.C. 5 – 7