Results 2019

The Bar Golfing Society – Fixtures & Events 2019

Members wishing to play in any of the matches may apply online via the Matches & Meetings page
or by contacting the Match Manager concerned.

Date Event Venue Manager Result
09/03/2019 10/03/2019 Rye G.C Rye Chris Stephenson
31/03/2019 Law Society G.S. Huntercombe Timothy Cray
06/04/2019 Medical G.S. Woking Jonathan Bellamy
27/04/2019 London Solicitors G.S. Woking Richard Anelay Q.C.
TBC Denham G.C. Denham Stuart Ritchie Q.C.
Royal St George’s G.C. Royal St. George’s Neil King QC
TBC Barristers’ Clerks G.S. The Wildernesse Andrew Selby
12/05/2019 Walton Heath G.C. Walton Heath Mark Shaw Q.C. 7 – 1 (W)
18/05/2019 Wine Trade G.S. Woking Mark Shaw Q.C. 6 ½  – 1 ½ (W)
TBC Old Johnians G.S. New Zealand Paul Norris
29/05/2019 01/06/2019 Annual Tournament Royal Porthcawl GC Guy Williams
TBC Alba Trophy Woking Guy Williams
08/06/2019 Circuit Judges G.S New Zealand Jeffrey Lamb
09/06/2019 Royal Ashdown Forest G.C. Royal Ashdown Forest Richard Whittam Q.C.
12/05/2019 Ladies Legal G.A. The Berkshire Richard Anelay Q.C.
TBC Hunstanton G.C. Hunstanton Guy Williams
05/07/2019 R.I.C.S G.S. New Zealand James Hanham
06/07/2019 The Stage G.S. New Zealand Iain Christie
13/07/2019 Stock Exchange G.S. New Zealand Sir Robert Nelson 1 – 7 (L)
19/07/2019 Boodles Huntercombe Tim Charlton Q.C.
TBC Scottish Bench & Bar Woking Alastair Hodge
21/07/2019 Old Leysians G.S. Huntercombe Judge Peter Clarke Q.C.
Irish Bench and Bar Aldeburgh Jonathan Waite QC
07/09/2019 Lutines G.S. Woking Michael Stephens
26/09/2019 Scrutton Cup Woking Guy Williams
27/09/2019 East India Club New Zealand Alastair Hodge
05/10/2019 Abady Trophy Woking Christopher Symons
06/10/2019 The Garrick The Berkshire Simon Murray
12/10/2019 -13/10/2019 Lloyds G.C. Rye Oliver Saxby Q.C.