The Lloyd’s Challenge Bowl

A silver bowl or cup, valued at ten guineas, provided by the Club for the winner of the 36 hole aggregate scratch medal at the Championship Meeting in June 1894, and at the Summer Meeting up to the First World War and again in 1921.

Thereafter there is no reference to the scratch event until 1924 when, due to the introduction of a foursome’s competition two years earlier, it was reduced to 18 holes.

The Challenge Bowl featured for the last time in 1927, the final year of the scratch medal at a Summer Meeting.

Year Winner
1894 D.L. Poole
1895 A. Adams
1896 No record
1897 W.H.P. Lesle
1898 No record
1899 H.B.L. Sedgwick
1900 H.B.L. Sedgwick
1901 R.T. Graham Murray
1902 G. Head
1903 G. Head
1904 H.L. Boyd
1905 H.L. Boyd
1906 H.L. Boyd
1907 Col. D.A. Kinloch
1908 C.E.W. Austin
1909 C.E.W. Austin
1910 G. Head
1911 Col. D.A. Kinloch
1912 H.L. Boyd
1913 G. Head
1914 G. Head
1915 not held
1920 not held
1921 R.R. Burton
1922 No record
1923 No record
1924 F.M.M. Carlisle
1925 Not held
1926 P.Q. Reiss
1927 W.N.D. Drury